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        1. Shandong Jinfeng Logistics Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Jinfeng Logistics Co., Ltd., subordinate to Jinsheng Group, was established in September 2011, covering an area of 20000 square meters, with storage capacity of 100000 tons in warehouse and 100000 tons in oil tank, With an annual oil transportation capacity of 300000 tons, it has more than 50 distribution vehicles such as edible oil tank cars, high rail cars and vans. It is a comprehensive transportation enterprise integrating grain and oil transportation, cargo distribution, container import and export, vehicle affiliation, warehousing logistics and information services.


          The company is mainly responsible for the distribution of edible oil, finished packing oil, cake and other oils and by-products, vehicle and LCL distribution. The business of edible oil transportation and LCL distribution radiates more than 30 provinces and regions in China, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with some domestic large-scale oil enterprises. The company takes advanced scientific and technological management as the guide, uses advanced information network technology and modern logistics technology to establish a huge intermodal network with logistics transportation companies and distribution service stations all over the country. In 2015, the company passed the provincial safety production standardization construction system certification, and won the honorary titles of AA credit unit and advanced unit of safety production.


          The company adheres to the steady and pragmatic development strategy, takes the staff team with high quality, hard technology and strong responsibility as the cornerstone, builds a traditional transportation mode as the foundation, and combines online and offline intelligent logistics enterprises. Hand in hand with the vast number of new and old customers to create brilliant!


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