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        1. Shandong Jinsheng Peanuts Foods Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Jinsheng Peanuts Foods Co., Ltd., affiliated to Jinsheng Cereals&Oils Group, was established in January 2020. It is a comprehensive foods export enterprise integrating peanut products research and development, production and trade . With 4 production lines of peanuts roasting and blanching , spicy peanuts, coated peanuts and peanut crisps , daily comprehensive processing capacity of 60 tons. There are 4 constant temperature integrated warehouses and 5 normal temperature warehouses with a total storage capacity of 40000 tons.

          Relying on the platform advantages of the National Peanut processing technology research and development center, the company independently develops a variety of product processes and formulas such as spicy peanuts, salted peanuts, coated peanuts, peanut crisps etc. Especially peanut crisps is made by unique formula, which is crisp and suitable for all ages; spicy peanuts are fragrant and crisp, with strict ratio, not oily or greasy; coated peanuts with golden color, full in kernels, crisp and fragrant.

          Our company has advanced production line, complete hardware facilities and advanced management system. It introduces four systems of ISO9001 quality management, ISO22000 food safety management, ISO14000 environmental management and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management to ensure the high quality of each nut. We builds a high-end peanut products brand with the quality concept of 100% attentiveness, 100% safety and 100% health.

          We warmly welcome customers and friends from home and abroad to visit our company, discuss cooperation and development, and create a better future hand in hand!


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