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        1. Shandong Jinfeng Cereals&Oils Food Co.,Ltd

          Shandong Jinfeng Cereals&Oils Food Co.,Ltd subordinate to Jinsheng Group, was established in July 2012. It is a professional company engaged in the deep processing and sales of cake and other by-products. Relying on the group's huge oil and oil processing capacity, the company has imported domestic leading ultra-fine grinding equipment and three sets of fully automatic processing units, with full digital control,stable operation,high yield per hour. The company covers an area of 74000㎡, there areconstant temperature warehouse and various storage capacity can store 120000 tons.

          Main products: first, nitrogen source raw materials for biological fermentation, mainly including medium temperature peanut cake (powder), high temperature peanut cake (powder), medium temperature soybean cake (powder), high temperature soybean cake (powder), peanut meal powder, and compound nitrogen source raw materials meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical factories and other customers; second, special peanut cake (powder) and peanut meal (powder) directly fed by natural lake and artificial pond aquaculture; The third is special peanut cake and peanut meal for fattening cattle and sheep; the fourth is high nitrogen peanut cake, peanut meal and other special products of high-grade forest, fruit and vegetable planting industry; the fifth is peanut seedling, peanut red coat powder, imported alfalfa, and honeysuckle extract chlorogenic acid, cinnamon extract and other natural feed antibiotics.

          The company adheres to the professional, standardized, service-oriented business philosophy, to ensure the natural, health and safety of products, and ultimately achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation with customers!


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